Gundersen Health System adds to baby record set in 2021

Leaders say a total of 1,776 infants were born at Gundersen's hospitals last year

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – So many babies were born at Gundersen Health System last year that its shattering its own record.

News 8 Now originally reported on Dec. 23 that Gundersen welcomed 1,729 newborns in 2021, breaking its record set in 2020.

Now, a total of 1,776 infants were born at Gundersen’s hospitals before 2022 hit, according to a news release.

“This year has been remarkable,” Obstetrics & Nursery Clinical Manager Amy Frauenkron said in the release. “For the new families, 2021 has been extraordinary. We hope the families always understand how special Gundersen staff members feel about each and every child. These babies are the miracles and unforgettable part of 2021.”

Gundersen leaders say Olivia was the most popular girls name in 2021, while Jackson/Jack led the way for the boys.

The healthcare system welcomed a total of 1,696 babies in 2020.