Guernsey breeders from all over the Midwest show off their best cattle at the Wisconsin State Guernsey Show

WEST SALEM, Wis. (WKBT) – Dairy farmers are making the Guernsey Capital proud.

On Tuesday the Wisconsin State Guernsey Show wrapped up its three-day event at the La Crosse County Fairgrounds in West Salem.

Guernsey breeders from all over the Midwest showed off their best cattle.

The show’s 2020 princess says for juniors this is a special opportunity to meet mentors and people who can help them kick-start their careers in the dairy industry while doing something they love.

“What it means to me to be here and be able to apart of this experience is growth. Personal growth and professional growth through fitting, clipping, and breeding cattle; all aspects of managing a dairy herd and managing a show herd. It’s very exciting to share my passion with people that also share the same passion, as well as the public,” Haley Beukema said.

Beukema has been taking part in this event for the past six years and was named Wisconsin Guernsey Princess in March.

She says in the future she plans to continue to breed and show dairy cattle and wants to manage a small hobby farm.

Plus, she’s hoping to study dairy science when she heads to college.