Growing number of pot holes means more car repairs

Repair shops see increase in pothole-related fixes

Area auto shops say our recent weather has made it hard for drivers to dodge a growing number of pot holes.

Schaller Jacobson in La Crosse says they’ve seen many people come in over the past couple of weeks, concerned about their cars after hitting large pot holes across the city.

Mechanics say the biggest fixes related to pot holes include flat tires, damaged wheels and dented rims.

Manager Mike Boehm says we’re noticing more pot holes earlier than normal because of this month’s warm-up.

“I think it’s because we had such warm temperatures, then we had that freezing rain, then we get the subzero temperatures,” said Boehm. “Usually it gets cold and stays cold, now I think it’s we’re getting a lot of thawing and freezing, thawing and freezing.”

Schaller Jacobson say some fixes could cost car owners hundreds of dollars.

They expect more people to come in for repairs as we get closer to spring.