Groundbreaking held in La Crosse for Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrade project

Upgrades will help the facility to produce energy to run the facility

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) -Some upgrades are on the way for La Crosse’s Waste Water Treatment Plant project.

A groundbreaking was Tuesday afternoon to kickoff work for the project on Isle La Plume.

In addition to reliability improvements, upgrades include regulatory changes, energy efficiency, future capacity, and flood resiliency.

The upgrades will cost $68 million, but those upgrades will help the facility save money.

“We’re adding gas scrubbers that clean that methane to trade an actual clean biogas that we can burn in a generator. That generator and the amount of the electricity we imagine, we expect to produce will power this entire plant,” said La Crosse Utilities manager Bernard Lenz.

The project will take about three years.