Groundbreaking held for new Fastenal office building in Winona

Building will be completed in 2021

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) – Fastenal is bringing a new office building to downtown Winona.

A groundbreaking was held Wednesday morning for the new building near Winona’s downtown.

Fastenal employees and local leaders came together for the ceremony.

The new office building could hold as many as 600 employees

The new building comes during the Opportunity Winona partnership, which is focused on bringing growth to Winona’s downtown.

The groundbreaking brings one building, but business leaders hope it will create a domino effect.

“The hope is that they want to live, work and play here. So they’ll spend time along the river and they’ll spend time shopping downtown and when that kind of stuff happens, more businesses and more opportunities follow it,” said Winona Area Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Christie Ransom.

The building is expected to be completed sometime next year.