Great River Rumble brings dozens of kayakers to Root, Mississippi Rivers

Dozens of kayaks and canoes are headed down the Mississippi River this week for one of the largest organized events of its kind.

The Great River Rumble is a week-long trip starting on the Root River in Rushford and stretching to Prairie du Chien on the Mississippi River.

The entire ‘Rumble’ is 92 miles and draws people from across the country who want a closer look at the scenic views our area offers.

“My passion, and I would hope most others’, is love of paddling, love of the water ways, and love of the wildlife all around,” said Great River RUmble chairman Rex Klein. “We see a lot of things on the trip that the normal person doesn’t see.”

The group paddles between 16 and 17 miles per day and is expected to finish their trip in Prairie du Chien on Saturday.