Grants help La Crosse students learn about Holocaust

A pair of grants bring to light a dark time in history to middle school students in La Crosse.     

La Crosse’s Public Education Foundation awarded more than $3,000 to two middle school classrooms in La Crosse.

The money from the  Maureen and Robert Freedland fund will help students learn about the history of the holocaust.

More than $1,000 will pay for books for 8th graders at Logan on how the Holocaust  relates to current events.

About $2,000  will go to Lincoln Middle School to create a traveling library with material on Holocaust and its survivors for 7th and 8th grade students.

“Whether they remember many of the facts, the dates, those things are important, but the prejudice, the racism, the anti-Semitism, the causes of the war, and to learn some of that stuff and take the big messages from the Holocaust, I think we need to start that earlier,” Scott Bagniefski, a teacher a Lincoln Middle School.

The money will also help pay for a guest speaker at both of the schools.