Grants, donations helping fund La Crosse school partnerships

With shrinking state aid, school districts are relying more on grants and donations to keep programs going.

The La Crosse School District collected $55,000 in grants and donations just this month alone. They had five million dollars in federal grants all of last year, along with a half a million in community donations.

Many times it provides students experiences they wouldn’t normally have like partnerships with local hospitals and the Children’s Museum.

It not only helps fill in the gaps in funding for the district, but it also strengthens the community relationship. “The old saying, we haven’t heard it for a long time, that it takes a village to raise a child, these partnerships really are connecting the community partners with the students and that’s a win for everyone,” said Janet Rosseter.

The district also relies on non-cash contributions with volunteers putting in hundreds of hours of service to the district.