Governor Walker talks expanding workforce in ‘State of the State’

Walker also mentions health care, education

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made his annual ‘State of the State’ address Tuesday afternoon, declaring his top priorities for 2017.

Health care, education and Welfare were major parts of the address, but Governor Walker says everything he does leads towards a stronger Wisconsin workforce.

“All this points to an obvious fact. We need more people in the workforce. This week alone there are nearly 80,000 job openings listed on And earlier I mentioned many of the things we’re doing to improve education and training in the state to repair and grow our workforce. Still, we need to do more to get people into jobs,” said Governor Walker.

Walker also mentioned working with veterans to expand the state’s workforce.

Local Representative Jill Billings is a member of multiple state workforce committees and says she is still unsure what the Governor’s workforce plan includes.

“I didn’t hear a lot of details tonight that made me feel like there was a great plan going forward, so I am happy to be on those committees and be able to deliberate and weigh in on supporting our workforce and helping with skills and making sure that we have the workforce that’s needed to move forward in Wisconsin,” said Representative Billings.

Billings also says she was disappointed Governor Walker did not mention a plan for fixing Wisconsin’s infrastructure.