Governor Walker shares thoughts on Kavanaugh and F.E.M.A. during campaign stop

Scott Walker was in La Crosse Saturday to make the 3,000,000 th campaign call for his race to be re-elected as Governor.

He spoke with the media about a variety of topics including how he thinks Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s recent confirmation will influence Wisconsin voters.

“I think it probably does more in federal elections. I mean, right now they look at me and look at what we’re doing for the state government, and that’s more an issue at the federal level that maybe has a bearing on the U.S. Senate Races or House races,” said Walker.

Walker made a request Wednesday for F.E.M.A. assistance for damages from August’s floods.

“That timeline typically . . . is about four to eight weeks before they go through and validate that. My hope would be that they could speed that up,” said Walker.

Walker’s opponent for Governor, Tony Evers, was in Eau Claire Saturday to launch a canvassing effort.