Governor Walker open to adjusting budget plan

Governor: Numbers can change as long as taxes do not go up

Wisconsin’s governor is open to adding more money for public schools, the UW System, and road work.

Governor Scott Walker spoke to a full house in Watertown on Thursday. He says he expects lawmakers to add money to those three areas.

In his proposed budget Walker is calling for a $300 million cut to the UW System, keeping the K through 12 funding flat and borrowing more than a billion dollars to pay for roads. Walker says he’s open to changing those numbers as long as taxes don’t go up.

“No budget introduced by a governor has ever been approved as presented, so we expect there will be some changes particularly when the new numbers come out. Our only bottom line is really that we want to continue the property tax relief and the general backbone of what’s in the budget, but we’re willing to work with them,” said Governor Walker.

Another piece of the budget proposal that was getting attention on Thursday is the plan to cut $15 million from the state’s Senior-Care Plan.

Seniors would be required to first sign up for the federal Medicare Part D prescription drug program and use Senior Care to pay for drugs that aren’t covered under it. Democrats worry this will force seniors to pay more for their medicine.