Governor Walker declares Thursday Snowplow Driver Appreciation Day

Day is an opportunity to remind drivers to be safe around plows

Wisconsin’s governor wants Wisconsinites to thank the people who keep the roads clear of snow.

He declared Thursday Snowplow Driver Appreciation Day.

“It’s kinda nice to get appreciation because we don’t get much appreciation when we’re out there plowing and we’re blocking people in and covering their driveways and people are trying to get to work and we’re in their way, so we generally don’t get too much appreciation then, so it is kinda nice to be recognized,” said La Crosse Assistant Street Supervisor Andy Bakalars.

Thursday is also an opportunity to remind drivers to be safe around the plows.

The street department says drivers should go slow, stay back at least 100 feet from a plow, and never pass one. And if possible take an alternate route away from where the plows are working.