Governor Tony Evers supports universal background checks for gun sales

The owner of Monsoor’s Sports Shop believes that a store like his is the best place to purchase a firearm due to the advice stores can give.

“Best way is to go to a firearms store, where they’re used to selling the thing and hopefully you get the right product,” said Roger Wendling.

But also because stores like Monsoor’s are a Federally Licensed Dealer.

“Any time someone buys a firearm from a federally licensed dealer they have to go through a background check.”

While everyone who wants to buy a gun from a store like Monsoor’s goes through a check, gun shows do not.

Ron Martin, director of Bob and Rocco Gun Shows says that at his gun shows there is no requirement for a seller to be licensed, but those do don’t do background checks, consider their customer before selling guns.

“They’re checking stuff too. They’re not doing full background checks, but they’re not selling out of state.”

For those looking to purchase a gun and not go through a background check, they still need to provide ID and be of proper age, otherwise the sale is illegal.

“There are some guys where that’s all they do, they sell to everybody, but a lot of those guys end up in prison,” said Martin.

Roger believes that most sales of guns nationwide are legal, and the current background checks won’t be effective in stopping a shooter.

“Expanding that to cover every sale of a weapon is something that the majority of people in Wisconsin believe in, so let’s make it happen.”

But Roger feels it’s a step too far.

“It’s a pretty tough thing to figure out. Everybody wants everybody to be safe with firearms. It’s when they go too far off the cliff, one way or the other way.”

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