Governor Tony Evers supports “Red Flag” gun regulating law

Recent gun violence has sparked the conversation for stricter gun laws at the State Capitol.

“We’ll do whatever we can do to make sure the people of Wisconsin are safe,” said Governor Tony Evers.

Evers supports the “red flag” law, allowing the police to take away a firearm from someone if a friend or family member notifies the police that that person could be a risk.

“They sound like good ideas but if you look at the possibility to have your property confiscated from you without due process it’s terrifying.”

NRA Certified Instructor Dennis Fater disagrees with the red flag laws.

“You don’t have the opportunity to defend yourself, you don’t have the chance to confront the accuser which is a part of our legal system.”

Fater argues that people need to know more about guns, before making laws or voting on them.

“Watching the news where you have 20,21,30 people killed by some nut is very emotional. And I think you need to look at education. When you look at these two, people will usually see this rifle as not threatening. And they’ll write this gun which is an A/R style rifle as threatening. Mechanically they’re identical. They just look different.”

Because terms like ‘hunting rifles and assault rifles’ aren’t well-defined, Fader feels on a larger scale, more research needs to be done before laws should be passed.

“We need to think long and hard about this,” concluded Fater.

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