Governor signs $35 million worker training bill

Walker discusses new ‘Fast Forward' bill at Western Technical College

Gov. Scott Walker has signed into law a bill that spends more than $35 million on worker training efforts.

The Fast Forward bill spends more than $35 million on worker training efforts, like those at Western Technical College.

Governor Scott Walker visited Western Monday morning to talk about it. The money will go to a series of grants to cut down tech college waiting lists, help high schoolers get job training in high demand fields, and help people with disabilities find work.

“Helping make people make that connection, connecting the dots between people looking for work, or looking for a better job, and the skills that are needed for some really rather good paying careers that are available in the state of Wisconsin,” Governor Walker said.

The money for the grants is coming from the nearly $1 billion state budget surplus.   Governor Walker signed the bill Monday morning at Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville.