Gov. Walker says campaign gaining momentum in final days

Governor talks one-on-one with News 8 just days before election

For Governor Scott Walker, Tuesday’s election will be the third time time in four years voters will decide whether he should be Governor.

Governor Walker won the previous two elections, but this race is the closest yet.

Walker has seen a term that few Governors have experienced. Mass protests at the capitol, lawmakers fleeing the state and a recall. But even with the turmoil, the Governor is in position to be re-elected.

In a recent one-on-one interview with the Governor, we asked him about that turmoil, his plan for his second term and whether a presidential race is in his future.

The Governor is going down to the wire rallying his base for what he thinks will be a close race. For us this is going to be a close election,” said the Governor, “we thought it would be all along, we thought, because the recall included at least some people who voted against the recall just on principle, that this election would be tighter than it was just two years ago in June of 2012, but right now we’re finishing strong.”

That recall election was the result of the Governor taking on public unions in the state. Many believe the governor never mentioned his plan to take on unions during his campaign four years ago, and some are wondering if history will repeat itself.

We asked the Governor if there is an Act 10-type change he will pursue in his second term. “No,” said Walker, “I’ve said repeatedly, the closest thing is I don’t want to reopen Act 10 and there are some that have talked about expanding it, I don’t want to do that, there are others that have talked about pursing Right to Work, I don’t want to pursue that, because I think both of those things would take our eye off our focus on the tax reform, the education reform, the entitlement reform we want to do over the next four years.”

When asked if any the Governor will try and reform any other unions in the state, Walker replied, “No.”

This race might also have implications past Wisconsin, as Walker has been mentioned as a possible candidate on the national stage in 2016. “I think in the end what I appreciate is the fact that I’m even talked about on that list, it isn’t because of anything I’ve done, it’s because we took on big reform,” said the Governor, “for me I’m just focused on the next four years as Governor.”

When pressed about his hopes for 2016, the Governor said, “Seriously, my goal is, not only having a four-year plan, my plan isn’t a year plan or a year and a half or eighteen months plan, it’s really about the next four years. If I don’t perform well for the people of this state, nobody’s ever going to talk about me, even if it’s, whether it’s two years, six years, 12 years from now, they’re not going to talk about me for anything else if I’m not performing for the people of the state of Wisconsin.”

His challenger Mary Burke declined our same request for a sit down interview in the final weekend before the election.