Gov. Walker and Mary Burke face off in first debate

Wisconsin Democratic candidate Mary Burke and Govoner Scott Walker went head to head in a debate Friday in Eau Claire

Walker and Burke sparred over some of the key issues in the election, including voter identification., minimum wage and jobs. While both say the debate was a success, they didn’t agree on much else.

Burke said that voter ID laws are undemocratic and make it difficult for people to vote.

“The hurdles that places in their lives in order to get that, I am very concerned that we are not doing the right thing and that we are shutting down peoples’ voice,” Burke said.

Walker said he believes voter ID will ultimately be upheld and that the laws make voting more fair.

“The law in the state of Wisconsin is simple it’s easy to vote but hard to cheat. This is a common sense reform that protects the integrity of each and every vote,” Walker said.

Both candidates were asked to share if they believed $7.25 Wisconsin’s minimum wage was enough to earn a living. Walker dodged the question, pointing out that people can make more money by being more educated and trained.

“Our plan for the future is based on a concept in part called ‘learn more to earn more.’ We  want to raise wages by giving people the skills and expertise and talents that they need to be more valuable to their employer,” Walker said.

Burke said the current rate is not enough and she will push for a minimum wage of $10.10 an hour if elected.

“I want people to work full time to be able to have that pride of a job of being able to support themselves and at $7.25 an hour that’s just ridiculous, you can’t do that, it ensures that people are dependent on government assistance,” Burke said.

Saturday in La Crosse Walker stressed that he wanted Friday’s meeting to be an opportunity to address the state rather than his opponent and commented on one of the debates most combative issues jobs.

“I really wanted to ignore the opposition and spend my time talking directly to the people of the state of Wisconsin, talk about the future and talk about setting the record straight how we are third in the Midwest in private sector job creation from July of last year to July of this year,” Walker said.

Burke also commented on the jobs in Milwaukee today. She said she believed that whoever is Governor needs to address that there is a jobs problem in the state to move forward.

This is the first of two debates for the gubernatorial candidates.  The second is Oct. 17 in Milwaukee.