Gov. Tony Evers unveils new COVID-19 relief package, Speaker Robin Vos outlines Republican priorities

MADISON, Wis. (WKBT) – Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers released a new COVID-19 relief package proposal Tuesday.

It includes making unemployment insurance more accessible, prohibiting evictions, and waiving school assessments through the end of next year.

Shortly after Evers’ announcement, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos outlined Republican priorities for tackling the pandemic during a press conference.

Assembly Republicans did not draft a bill but brought a list of ideas to the table.

They include extending the National Guard’s help with testing, doubling the number of contact tracers, providing hospitals with more resources, and aid for businesses.

Vos said Tuesday he thinks Assembly Republicans and Gov. Evers will be able to work together to get a bill passed quickly.

“We want to find ways to work with Gov. Evers. We think some of his ideas are certainly workable, some are not. But I think that’s the point of negotiations. We put out our best ideas, he puts out things he supports, and we see where common ground can be found to hopefully get a bill proposed and passed as quickly as we can,” Vos explained.

Vos said he hopes to meet with Evers this week to start negotiations.