Gov. Evers proclaims this week “Drinking Water Week”

Governor Tony Evers has proclaimed May 5th through 11th “Drinking Water Week” in Wisconsin. This recognizes the essential role water plays in our daily lives and brings attention to the water professionals who work to make sure it’s always available. The Wisconsin Section of the American Water Works Association (WIAWWA), is asking Wisconsinites to “protect the source” this week by learning where their water comes from and how to conserve and protect our state’s valuable water resources.

For more than 40 years, American Water Works Association and its members have celebrated Drinking Water Week, a unique opportunity for both water professionals and the communities they serve to join together in recognizing the vital role water plays in daily lives.

There are 577 drinking water utilities across Wisconsin bringing water and fire protection to some 1.2 million homes. Every year, those utilities pump nearly 200 billion gallons of water. About 53 percent of the state gets its water from underground aquifers and 47 percent gets water from lakes, rivers or streams.

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the main federal law that ensures the quality of Americans’ drinking water. Every water utility in Wisconsin follows the strict regulations set forth by the Safe Drinking Water Act, performing extensive tests to ensure the safety of the state’s drinking water supply. Drinking Water Week is a great time to contact your local utility to learn more about the water in your area and the processes that deliver this vital resource to homes and businesses in your community.

There’s no better time to get in the habit of conserving than during Drinking Water Week. Here are some tips:

— Check for quietly running toilets and leaky faucets & pipes
— Water your lawn early in the morning or in the evening
— Replace old showerheads with high-efficiency models
— Use a rain barrel and plant drought-tolerant plants
— Invest in water-efficient toilets and washing machines

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