GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump holds rally in La Crosse

Wisconsin’s primary is Tuesday which means presidential candidates are making last-minute stops across the state including La Crosse.

GOP presidential Candidate Donald Trump held a rally at the La Crosse Center Tuesday morning asking more than 1,500 Wisconsin voters to help him secure the Republican presidential nomination.

“I want to get there with Wisconsin,” said Trump.

Trump is leading the Republican race when it comes to delegates and he is hoping to increase that lead with the help of Wisconsinites.

“If we do well here folks, it’s over. If we don’t, it’s not over, but wouldn’t you like to take the credit in Wisconsin for ending it,” said Trump.

Trump said he has come a long way, gaining support as other presidential candidates drop out of the race, including Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

“I beat Walker really badly,” said Trump.

Walker endorsed Ted Cruz and campaigned with him this past week. The latest Marquette poll shows that Ted Cruz is beating Trump in the state of Wisconsin, but Trump says he’s not worried about Ted Cruz or Governor Walker because of what happened in South Carolina.

“I wasn’t expected to win. This was Cruz’s battleground area they said, this was going to be great for Cruz but Rubio was tough. Then all of a sudden Nikki Haley, the governor of South Carolina, who is very weak on borders and weak on illegal immigration, supported Marco Rubio. It was over, I was gonna get killed,” said Trump.

However, Trump ended up winning in a landslide.

“The same thing is going to happen here,” said Trump. “The reason I am not going to disappoint is because I am self-funding; I am putting up my own money. I am not controlled by these groups, I am not controlled by the banks, I am not controlled by electric, I am not controlled by lumber and I am not controlled by the pharmaceuticals. I am controlled by the people. I am controlled by all of the people,” said Trump.

Cruz held a town hall Tuesday in Madison. Democrat Bernie Sanders campaigned in Janesville, while Hillary Clinton and John Kasich focused their efforts on the next contest in New York.