GOP holds state convention in Green Bay, political expert weighs in on Trump’s re-election

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WKBT) – Republican state leaders gathered in Green Bay for the party’s state convention on Saturday.

Representatives from across Wisconsin took part in the annual event, highlighting this years theme of ‘Leading the Way to Victory’.

Two panels of speakers discussed republican priorities in the Wisconsin state legislature and moving forward with conservative policies.

Also making an appearance at the convention were leaders from “Women For Trump”.  They spoke to Wisconsinites on behalf of President Trump’s 2020 campaign, urging women to vote the president for a second term, come November.

Though it could be a tough re-election campaign, according local political analyst Joe Heim. Then-candidate Donald Trump won a narrow victory against Hillary Clinton in 2016 in Wisconsin. Heim says democrats made a big comeback for statewide offices, so 2020 is still very up in the air.

Current polls have trump down by 6 or 7 points in the state. Heim says there are some big issues that could impact Trump come November, including how he’s handled recent protests over George Floyd’s murder and other racial issues.

“And it obviously has not helped the president. At least, according to the polls,” says Heim. “Public opinion has not been very favorable to how he’s reacted to that, nor to how he’s reacted to COVID-19.”

How Trump performs could impact how other republicans do in Wisconsin. Still, there may be a chance for republicans to pick up a congressional seat. While there is a strong republican majority in both the state assembly and senate, Heim believes they might try to get some of the seats to make the chambers veto proof.

“If they could end up with two-thirds in the assembly and the senate they could override every veto that the governor would do. And the one veto that I think we’re all thinking about is redistricting in about a year or so.”

Heim believes republicans will try to redistrict the state, which Governor Tony Evers would then veto. Unless they have that margin, they would have to compromise or take the issue to court.