GOP candidate for Minnesota governor outlines plan to make abortion ‘less prominent’ in society

(WKBT) — The Republican candidate for Minnesota governor says his plan on abortion can create positive changes in the state.

Dr. Scott Jensen is running against DFL incumbent Tim Walz.

The Minnesota constitution lists abortion as a legal process. Jensen says he’s not looking to change that.

As a pro-life doctor, Jensen said Tuesday he and running mate Matt Birk can still show that they can be “for women.”

“That means that we have birth control pills over the counter like the majority of the world has,” Jensen said. “That means we max out the prices of a birth control pill pack for a month at 10 dollars. That means that we have paid maternity programs…We can make abortion and its consideration much less prominent in our society.”

Walz has said there will never be an abortion ban under his watch. Last week he signed executive action declining to honor neighboring state requests to extradite women who come to Minnesota for an abortion.