GMC Gymnastics senior White cheering on state-bound teammates after labrum surgery

We’re less than a day from the opening rounds of Division 2 State gymnastics in La Crosse. The GMC co-op sends two athletes to PEG Saturday afternoon.

Junior Katie Pierson will compete on beam and sophomore Abby Miller will be on floor and bars.

Miller was in GMC’s rotation at State a year ago but has been limited in competitions this year by a back injury, but she’s feeling good to go for this weekend.

As for Pierson, her team says she’s worked extremely hard on this beam routine which got her an 8.95 at sectionals. Pierson says there are aspects of this routine that have been hard to master, but she’s in a confident place.

“My dismounts,” Pierson said. “It’s been tossed up all year and switched up with different jumps before my dismount. I felt like so much weight was lifted off me after sectionals, like, ‘I did that.'”

“Since I hurt my back we just didn’t want to overdo anything [in my routines],” said Miller, “but at State I will be adding a 1.5 instead of a full, and will add a full into my last pass [on floor.]”

It’s been a bittersweet season for their teammate and senior Sophie White. Since the midpoint of last season White’s battled a torn hip labrum, but didn’t want to miss out on competing with her team at State. After State last year it was a quiet couple months of inactivity to deal with the pain, but surgery was inevitable.

“I was supposed to get surgery in September, and they told me you won’t do gymnastics again if you have it now,” White said. “And I said I can’t do that. I need to be able to compete one last year as much as I can. They said that’s okay, even if it does get damaged more, they’ll be able to repair it when I do get surgery.”

“It’s really nice that she’s always there to support us no matter what,” said Miller. “Sectionals were two days after her surgery. She still came and supported us.”

That decision for White was a no-brainer.

“I love my team,” she said. “There’s no place I would’ve rather been that day. I need to cheer them on, and it was where I needed to be.

“I’m so grateful for them. It’s honestly one of the best times I’ll remember from high school. I loved it and will be forever grateful for it.”