Global Initiative Week to highlight global partnerships

Cabin Coffee Co. relies 100 percent on global relationships

To encourage local companies to do more business with industries from across the globe, World Services of La Crosse held a kickoff initiative Friday.

It’s an effort to highlight the community’s connections around the world, whether it’s the exchange of business, culture or products.

During the next seven days, one local business is making sure to do their part to raise awareness about the importance of global partnerships.

For the millions of coffee drinkers in the U.S. the sound of coffee being made in the morning is like music to their ears. But how often do you think of where that cup of joe came from?

“We are 100 percent dependent upon other parts of the world,” said Cathy Bauer, owner of Cabin Coffee Company in La Crosse.

During Global Initiatives Week in La Crosse, local businesses are making it a priority to highlight their connections around the world.

“Coffee is really a great way for people that really don’t understand how they are connected globally. They need to understand where their coffee comes from,” said Bauer.

“If you connect globally, you will thrive locally,” said Mary Kane, president and CEO of Sister Cities International.

Kane said 96 percent of the markets are outside the U.S., making it a necessity for local businesses to reach across borders.

“Cities and communities like La Crosse can benefit by developing international business exchanges,” said Kane.

“The global connection that I am most proud of is the fact that we are actually working with people that are growing coffee for a living,” said Bauer. “You’ve got the farmer who grew the crop, dried the beans, exported it and here we are with the beans.”

For the next seven days, Bauer will be featuring a different coffee every day.

“We are going to try to put a few facts together on the country we are featuring,” said Bauer.

Bauer hopes this encourages customers to think about the global connections many rely on every day.

“I just think that’s a great initiative to make people understand where do things come from that they just expect to appear in their daily lives, coffee only being one of them,” said Bauer.

To encourage global relationships, La Crosse participates in a program called Sister Cities where officials share ideas, culture and products. La Crosse has seven sister cities around the world but currently in the U.S., there are 525 sister cities with more than 2,000 partnerships in 143 countries.

This is the second year local leaders have hosted a Global Initiatives Week in La Crosse. It runs until Nov.7 to Nov. 14.