Girl Scouts prepare for cookie season

It’s almost girl scout cookie season and scouts in our area are already preparing. On Sunday, more that 200 local girl scouts gathered at Central High School in La Crosse to get ready for their role in the sales of the cookies.

The scouts learned everything from business skills to people skills at the event as well as safe money management.

New this year in La Crosse, for every box of cookies sold, a business in La Crosse will donate a gallon of milk.

The girl scout cookie sale is the largest girl-led entrepreneurship program in the world with roughly 175 million boxes sold annually.

Leaders at the girl scouts said this is about more than just sales.

“They learn the business skills of how to be an entrepreneur as young as five years old and how to develop their own business and be able to talk to individuals and learn the marketing, sales, accounting, customer service and finance aspects of cookie sales,” said Badgerland Girl Scouts senior program manager Courtney Feuquay.

Cookies go on sale February 3rd and end on March 11th. For more information on where to find cookies in the area, visit