Gift to Riverside International Friendship Gardens from sister city

Friedberg, Germany has been a sister city since 2002

The city of La Crosse enjoys relationships with 7 sister cities throughout Europe, Africa, China, and Russia, and delegates from one of those sister cities were in La Crosse this weekend.

The mayor and a few others from Friedberg, Germany visited the Riverside International Friendship Gardens and brought a sculpture from their city as a gift.

The sculpture was designed and constructed by Wolfgang Auer, a city committee member of Friedberg.

Organizers of the visit say the gift is a great way to show the friendship between our two cities.

“Each garden is designed to reflect something unique about each of our sister cities. You can go and get a different experience about a french garden as opposed to a German garden as opposed to an Irish garden, but in every garden you find beauty, again symbolizing that there’s beauty everywhere,” said Riverside International Friendship Gardens President Chuck Hanson.

La Crosse and Friedberg have been sister cities since 2002.