Genoa family builds colorful igloo on farm

A family built a colorful igloo in the front yard of their farm in Genoa this weekend.

Megan Olson told News 8 she came up with the idea more than a year ago after she saw a post about a family in Canada that made an igloo.

“I thought it looked so cool so I showed it to my family and it began then,” Olson said.

Eight families saved more than 650 milk cartons to make the blocks of the igloo. About a month ago, Olson filled them with water and food coloring.

“We put them on a wagon to freeze and then built it this past weekend,” Olson said. “We used snow and water to make the ‘mortar’ to hold the blocks in place.”

It took their family about ten hours within three days to complete the igloo in the front yard of Arnold and Tama Trussoni’s family farm. They are Olson’s parents.

The igloo is just over 5-feet-tall and about 8-feet in diameter at the bottom. Olson’s brother estimated about eight people could sit inside. Olson’s dad put the light inside to make it stand out at night.

We first saw the colorful igloo because Olson’s Aunt Lynn Hohman posted it on our WKBT News8000 Facebook page.

Genoa family builds colorful igloo on farm