Generous donation from Mayo Clinic helps fund Salvation Army’s mental health programming

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A generous donation is helping the Salvation Army of La Crosse County expand its mental health programming.

Mayo Clinic Health System gave the organization $15,000 Tuesday, which will be used to help raise awareness and funding for crucial mental health resources in the La Crosse area.

The money comes from Mayo Clinic’s Red Kettle Campaign match challenge in December.

The Salvation Army said some of the people it serves are unaware of the mental health issues they’re experiencing.

With donations like this, the organization is able to give them the care they need, and a step closer to getting out of homelessness.

“It’s important to look after their well being. The physical as well as mental issues that folks may carry with them. This [donation] helps extend that, and we believe it could help move barriers that keep people homeless,” said Major Jeff Richardson, Salvation Army Core Officer.

The Salvation Army works with a paid contracted psychiatrist who meets with emergency shelter residents, providing the support and help they need.

The psychiatrist is able to offer a diagnosis to patients, prescription recommendations, and referrals to long-term care facilities.

Through donations and community support, over $28,000 is set aside for the 2021 mental health programming