Galesville principal becomes human ice cream sundae

Students at Galesville Elementary got a chance to make a very special ice cream sundae Wednesday.  This one wasn’t made in a dish, but on their principal.

As part of “Read Across America” day, students were challenged to read a total of 66,000 minutes during the month of February.

Students exceeded that goal and principal Amy Oliver agreed to be turned into a human ice cream sundae.

She’s hoping the reward will keep students reading well beyond the classroom.

“We want them to put the kind of kids, that when they have spare time, they pick up books because they want to read, because they enjoy it. So that’s always our goal every day as teachers, is to get that excitement, and we strive for that every day, and right now, these extra little things are just icing on the cake.

In total, students read over 86,000 minutes last month.