Galesville Lions Club’s ‘Take-Out Challenge’ helping local restaurants stay alive

Galesville 'Take-Out Challenge' offers chance to win prizes for ordering local food

GALESVILLE, Wis. (WKBT) – Local small businesses are just trying to survive during this uncertain time. The Galesville Lions Club is offering a fun incentive for people who contribute to the town’s restaurants.

Like a heart in rhythm, small towns have their own beat. The beat of towns like Galesville is tapping at a much slower tempo.

“Obviously we are not doing near the business we are used to doing,” said Amy Hembd, co-owner of Garden of Eatin’ in Galesville.

This community, established in 1854, carries a lot of history. Many of its people are proud to live there.

P Restaurant Challenges

The Galesville Bridge on Wisconsin Highway 53 in Galesville.

Amy Hembd and her husband Billy Hembd have owned their restaurant for nearly eight years.

“I cook, she does everything else,” Billy Hembd said. “That’s our specialty.”

Amy Hembd said they are known for their breakfast and freshly prepared food.

“Everything’s made from scratch,” she said.

Garden of Eatin'

Garden of Eatin’ restaurant in Galesville’s downtown square.

The current health crisis has forced a change this town has never seen.

“Never, and never expected to in my lifetime,” Amy Hembd said. “But here we are.”

This is a time where adapting is the only way to make a living.

“Curbside only. We’re not even letting anyone come in the restaurant to pick up their carryout,” Amy Hembd said. “We want to be as safe as possible.”

People practice social distancing but should be called physical distancing. Even though people are remaining apart, it’s not stopping them from working together.

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Garden of Eatin’ owners Amy and Billy Hembd take food to a customer’s car.

“If someone loses their job or loses their business we all know them personally,” said Tyler Truax, Galesville Lions Club president. “We have friends who have been laid off. Hopefully, it’s just a temporary thing.”

Truax helped start a challenge to get people to support local restaurants. Those who order food from five restaurants get placed in a drawing for cash prizes. If they go eight times they get thrown into the hat twice.

“If we can just help out a little bit and help them bay the bills and keep them going for when this is finally over, it’s worth it then,” Truax said.

Amy Hembd said this effort is making an impact.

“It’s been amazing and it’s moved us to tears,” she said. “It means the world. That’s how we are going to survive this.”

Take out challenge

Sign displays in Garden of Eatin’ window thanking customers.

This may not bring the town back to the same beat, but every meal these people sell keeps the heart of this place beating.

“Every day I wake up and I say we are going to make our own sunshine today,” Amy Hembd said. “We are going to keep on going. Nothing is going to stop us. We will get through this. We are determined and we are all going to be stronger than ever when this is over.”

For information on this effort, visit the Galesville Lions Club Facebook Page.