G-E-T junior defying the odds on the court

After a devastating injury to their starting point guard Madison Doerr, the G-E-T girls basketball program was uncertain about the 2014-2015 season but now are in position for their first conference championship since 1979.

“I was going for a ball going out of bounds and I stuck my leg out and a girl landed on it,” said Doerr.

It happened last summer, and left Doerr with a torn ACL and a torn MCL.

“I got a phone call that she had torn her ACL in our last game this summer and I felt bad, I felt sick for her,” said G-E-T girls basketball coach Rick Schmidt.

“She’s one of our main shooters. I mean in order to achieve our conference goal, we kind of needed her,” said G-E-T junior guard Bailey Schmidt.

So Doerr worked hard and was able to rehab her MCL through the summer and fall sports season, giving her options.  Have surgery on her torn ACL and sit out her junior basketball season, or play through it.

“She asked me what she should do and I said this is between you and your family. I want you happy and I want you healthy.  She said I’m not going to be happy if I have to miss basketball,” said Rick Schmidt.

“Basketball is my number one sport.  I put everything I got into basketball so I said I can’t go a season without playing basketball,” said Doerr.

So she strapped on a knee brace, and hit the court.  Doerr said the knee brace keeps her from making movements that could potentially cause pain.

“It kind of pushes us more.  If she can do it, then we can keep pushing ourselves to do better,” said Bailey Schmidt.

“I still think she’s by far had her best year that she’s had in her three years as a starter,” said Rick Schmidt.

Whether it’s scoring, leading on the court, or simply acting as an inspiration, Madison Doerr and the G-E-T Red Hawks are flying high.

“I’m just so proud of myself and my teammates,” said Doerr.