G-E-T fifth graders take part in ‘kindness retreat’

Fifth graders at G-E-T had a special lesson Wednesday, in kindness. They actually had a kindness retreat.

The school brought in an organization called “Youth Frontiers” to put on the event.

The goal is to help create a more positive school atmosphere and get students to treat each other better.

“Our student survey results show the need for each of them to have the skills and feel the power to stand up to others,” said Ettrick Elementary Principal Rachel Fawver. “And to start to empower our 5th graders to be everyday heroes and take a stance on bullying,” said Galesville and Trempealeau Elementary Principal Amy Oliver.

 “I learned that kindness is better than being cruel,” said student Sydney Stoner.

The retreat director says the main goal is to have each student experience a day of nothing but kindness.