G-E-T District reveals plan for fall school year

GALESVILLE, Wis. (WKBT) –Schools are continuing to roll out their plans for the fall.  The Galesville, Ettrick, Trempealeau School District released plans for their elementary, middle and high schools.

“We want to give as many kids the chance to be here as we can. Providing that the health status allows us to do so,” said Michele Butler, superintendent of GET School District.

The GET School District has a plan in place for the fall.

It includes social distancing in classrooms, wearing masks, intense cleaning, and paths for students to follow in school hallways.

“We can have in person, but the restrictions are really tough,” said Butler.

Some of the restrictions for the elementary and middle school settings would require students to stay within a designated group.

“Keeping a cohort, having students stay in the classroom. Eating in a classroom, having recess in separate places outside and then rotate those weekly,” said Butler.

And if a student were to have COVID-19, Butler said they would look for guidance from the local health department, and send only those necessary to quarantine at home.

“But what we don’t want to do is, we have one case and we shut down the whole school district. So we want to try and be as practical as possible, disrupt as little education as possible while still following whatever the guidance is,” said Butler.

The district is also gearing up for virtual learning. Each student will be given a school iPad, and hotspots will be available for those who need them. And for the families that live farther away and are unable to get any type of internet, the district will be working to see if they can get those students back into the classroom. They’re also working on teaching technology tips to families.

“If you stream at the right time, pull all of your classroom videos and download them,” said Butler. “We want people to know how to do that.”

Butler said the first two days of school will consist of training students and teachers on the new safety procedures, and technology that will be used if going back to virtual school is necessary.

The superintendent said around 10-15% of students have decided to choose the online option, rather than physically going to school in the fall.  And for those who do attend in person, at their drive-thru registration day, they can expect to be handed a mask in exchange for all their back to school paperwork.