FurLow Riders celebrate 4 years

UW-L Chancellor Joe Gow leads band

A local rock group made up of university faculty and staff is celebrating it’s four year anniversary.

The FurLow Riders performed in Holmen Sunday evening as part of the village’s concerts and movie in the park series.

The group is led by UW-La Crosse chancellor Joe Gow. The band members also include a UW-L psych professor an affirmative action officer and the dean of UW-Rock County.

Gow says it’s difficult to get their schedules to line up but they’re usually able to perform together at least once a month. 


“It’s funny being chancellor if you do it right there is time to play music and i still want to do that and it’s a privilege to be able to do that at this old age my hairs getting a  little grayer but the music lives on so it’s really fun,” said Joe Gow, UW-La Crosse Chancellor Joe Gow.

The FurLow Riders next performance will be on Saturday October 5-th before the next UW-La Crosse football game.