Fundraiser hopes to offset costs of potential budget cuts in La Crescent-Hokah Schools

After a failed referendum in November, the La Crescent-Hokah Public School District is considering making $300,000 worth of cuts, but one group is working hard to keep that from happening.

An organization called the “300 for 300” is working separately from the school district to raise $300,000 to prevent larger class sizes and missed opportunities for students within the district.

The committee is encouraging the community to donate to the cause.

Organizers say time is limited for reaching their goal.

“We really have until March or the middle of April approximately to try and cut off or prevent any significant cuts to our educational situation because the board does have to make some decisions,” said the chairperson for the 300 for 300 committee Steve Mau.

The organization is hoping 5,000 people will each donate $150.

You can donate at the La Crescent-Hokah District office or send money to: District 300 Foundation, PO Box 34 in La Crescent, 55947.