Frost And/Or Freezing Temps For Most Overnight -Bill Graul

More Frost/Freezing Temps Friday Night Into Saturday AM

Tonight’s Forecast Low: 33F / Friday’s Forecast High: 53F…

As advertised, today was much cooler. In fact, the high of 57F in La Crosse today was BELOW average for the first time this month. It also marked the coolest high temp in La Crosse since way back on April 25th, when it was 52F. That’s almost 6 months ago!

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Partly cloudy skies and light winds will lead to a much colder night tonight. Expect lows to range from the low-mid 20s (north/east) to the low-mid 30s. Many areas will likely see frost and/or freezing temps overnight into early Friday morning… so Frost Advisories and Freeze Warnings are in effect from 1:00 to 9:00 Friday morning. This really shouldn’t catch you off guard as we are a good 2-3 weeks past our typical first frost dates in the area. With that said, bring in or cover any plants you want to keep alive the next 2 nights… and disconnect garden hoses and prep outdoor plumbing.

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Thursday Night Forecast

Continued cool Friday with more clouds than sun. Highs will range from the upper 40s to low-mid 50s. Cold again Friday night into Saturday morning… with more frost and freezing temps likely across the region.

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High temps will remain a bit below average for the weekend, with highs mainly in the low-mid 50s. It looks dry for Saturday with sunny to partly cloudy skies. A system will bring a chance of rain showers Sunday, especially later in the day and into Sunday night.

Looking Ahead… Chance of showers Monday, especially the first half of the day… with highs in the upper 40s to low 50s. Breezy and warmer Tuesday with a chance for rain showers. Chance of showers on Wednesday as well, especially during the morning hours. Highs Tuesday and Wednesday will mainly be in the low 60s, thanks to southerly winds.

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Next Thursday and Friday look mainly dry at this point, with a mix of clouds and sun and high temps falling back into the 50s. Have a good night! -Bill Graul