Freedom From Religion Foundation asks for investigation into La Crosse priest’s political video

A group wants the IRS to look into possible violations of a non-profit engaging in a political campaign

A video by Father James Altman, a priest at Saint James the Less Catholic Church in La Crosse is getting lots of mixed reactions by those who have seen it.
It’s already been viewed some 400-thousand times.

The video shows Father Altman making claims against the Democratic party and among other things claims you can’t be a democrat and also be Catholic.

And now the Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed a complaint about this activity with the I-R-S, because non-profits like churches are prohibited from directly or indirectly making statements or participating in political campaigns.

Annie Laurie Gaylor is the FFRF co-president and says, “It’s a violation of the IRS code for churches or other tax exempt non-profits to engage in partisan politicking. But in this case, Fr. Altman I think is enraging a lot of people. Not only did he seem to film this in a church, so it makes it look like the Church is endorsing it, but he was telling his fellow Catholics that if you don’t vote the way I want you to you’re going to go to hell.”

Gaylor also pointed out that the La Crosse Diocese has already condemned the video, but Gaylor wants the IRS to investigate any diocesan ties to it, including who paid for the video.

Vatican consultant Father James J. Martin, the subject of Altman’s attack, responded by saying, “It is not a sin to vote for either Mr. Biden or Mr. Trump. Nor is it a sin to be Democrat or Republican.” Martin told Newsweek: “Bishops, priests and members of religious orders are not supposed to endorse any candidates.”