Free smoke alarm campaign aims to reduce fire deaths, injuries

The southwest Wisconsin chapter of the Red Cross and the La Crosse Fire Department are teaming up to reduce fire-related deaths and injuries.

On Saturday, members from both organizations, along with volunteers, went to about 25 houses in the La Crosse area to install smoke alarms free of charge.

It’s all part of a campaign to reduce the number of deaths and injuries from home fires by 25 percent within five years.

Red Cross officials say smoke alarms save lives.

“What we want to be able to do is make sure people are safe, and don’t have to worry about the cost associated with putting a smoke alarm in,” Tom Mooney, chief operating officer with the Wisconsin Red Cross, said. “And some people don’t have the means to be able to do it, so this is pretty special.”

The smoke alarms installed will last 10 years.

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