Franciscan Sisters collecting hygiene products for homeless

Donation drop-off: Franciscan Spirituality Center

The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration are collecting hygiene products for individuals and families who are homeless or in need. 

Local dentists have donated things like toothbrushes and local stores have given things like deodorant, razors, soap and towels. 

There is also a desperate need for baby supplies like diapers and ointments. 

The sisters are working on big projects like transitional housing, but they say there is an immediate need for simple things like hygiene products. 


“Together we can make a difference, at least for some babies with severe diaper rash or no diapers to wear, we can make a difference to a small amount of people and hopefully that will move forward to more and more,” said Sister Paulynn Instenes. 

You can drop off donations in the collection bin at the Franciscan Spirituality Center at 920 Market Street in La Crosse. 

You can also leave a cash donation with the receptionist and that money will be spent at local stores. 

The products will be distributed at the Salvation Army and they hope to have 100 hygiene bags ready by Friday.