FoxConn plant could increase Western Integrated Technology enrollment

Plant expected to create thousands of jobs

The recent announcement of an international electronics manufacturer coming to Wisconsin could have impacts across the state.

Local colleges could benefit with more people likely to seek training in skilled labor.

La Crosse’s Western Technical College expects a flow of students in the programming, engineering and maintenance fields to meet demand for skilled workers. Directors of Western’s technology division say the recent opportunity could also improve outlook on manufacturing careers.

“Just the fact that we’re investing in more manufacturing in the state and helping change that image and that stigma of what manufacturing used to be to the great career potential that manufacturing offers today, it’s just really nice to see that focus,” said Western Technical College Dean of Integrated Technology Division Dr. Josh Gamer.

The Foxconn plant is expected to create about 3,000 jobs immediately, with another potential 10,000 later.

An exact location for the facility has not been announced yet.