Four local heroes recognized for saving 5-year-old girl from near drowning

15-year-old Isaac Deason and three local women receive lifesaver awards

You might remember back in early June when summer was just getting started a 5-year-old La Crosse girl named Morgan nearly drowned near Black River Beach.

Fortunately, her neighbor 15-year-old Isaac Deason was also at the beach that day and was able to locate her on the river bottom by slowly walking through the water.

He pulled her up from the bottom and out of the water. Isaac’s quick thinking that saved his little neighbor was recognized Tuesday.

La Crosse Fire Chief Ken Gilliam presented Isaac with the official Lifesaver Award in front of his north side home.

Isaac 2

The Chief mentioned that for just 15-years-old Isaac kept cool and calm, which helped him handle the emergency so well.

In addition to Isaac three other good samaritans also helped in Morgan’s rescue.

Kailee Andress and Jennifer Jahnke helped in the rescue and Allison Rogers also assisted with C-P-R.

All of them were recognized with the Lifesaver Award for their heroic efforts.