Fort McCoy sees record number of training soldiers

Estimated economic impact down about 11-percent from 2014

Each year Fort McCoy brings a large number of soldiers to our area for training, which also impacts the communities near the fort.

Last year the fort had an estimated $842-million impact to our area, which is down about 11-percent from 2014, but the fort also trained a record number of soldiers, reaching more than 155,000 of them from all around the world.

Officials say that while many soldiers are not deploying right now, they all still need training.

“As the soldiers come back from overseas they still need to maintain those training requirements to stay fresh, to be able to face any contingency that’s out there, so that’s why you’re seeing these large numbers of soldiers coming to Fort McCoy, because we have some of the best ranges and training areas available,” said Fort McCoy Chief of Plans, Analysis and Integration Office Mark Fritsche.

Officials also say the large numbers are partly because of training centers being in areas often hit with harsh weather, such as hurricanes on the east coast and wildfires out west.