Fort McCoy sees increase in number of training troops

Fort expects to add more exercises this year

Fort McCoy is hosting more and more service members as training opportunities continue to expand on the base.

The number of troops at Fort McCoy has steadily been increasing since January, when cold-weather training became available. Job training has also expanded, with Fort officials seeing an increase in attendance for maintenance, medical and the non-commissioned officer courses.

Training organizers say the wide range of opportunities shows the Forts’ commitment to its motto of being a “Total Force Training Center.”

“It is able to assist the Army to meet its operational demand requirements in support of the combatant commanders anywhere in the world, because that’s one of our missions here is to do training, be able to provide the infrastructure, so units can come in and increase their readiness,” said Director of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security Brad Stewart.

Other opportunities, such as “Operation Cold Steel” and the Warrior Exercise, bring thousands of troops together for large-group weapon-training exercises.

Unit commanders say the post helps meet the demands of various training scenarios.

“To allow us to go out and do our collective training, those things that our company is designed to do, so we have a wide array of different training aids available up here for us,” said 178th Infantry Regiment Captain Brandon Hunsaker.

Training officials say the increase is not stopping either. The military installation plans on adding more, large-group training exercises within the year.