Fort McCoy cuts ribbon on first modern, four-story barracks

FORT MCCOY, Wis. (WKBT) — Fort McCoy officials cut the ribbon on the installation’s new four-story barracks Wednesday— its second new barracks since World War II, and its first with air conditioning.

“Opportunities like this do not always, don’t come along so often. And it really takes a team effort,” said Maj. Gen. Darrell Guthrie.

The new barracks can house 400. Fort McCoy plans to have four such barracks by the end of the decade.

“Take care of our soldiers, so then they can go work hard and train, which is what we need them to do in order to build the readiness for the Army,” said Col. Mike Poss.

Fort McCoy brought in $2 billion locally during fiscal year 2021, said officials, who voiced hope that the upgrades will bring even more to the area.

“We’re very proud of the economic impact modernization activities such as this provides,” Poss said. “I just think this is a great win-win opportunity for Fort McCoy and the area.”

Upgraded housing, they say, also will attract more units to Fort McCoy.

“If you start to add facilities like this, it will expand the types of units who come here to train at any given year,” Guthrie said.

The first unit will stay in the new barracks on June 1, Guthrie said.

Base leaders are expecting a busy summer training season at Fort McCoy.

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