Former Tomah mayoral candidate offers apology

Criminal complaint filed against LeRoy Kelsey

Former Tomah mayoral candidate LeRoy Kelsey wrote a letter of apology to City of Tomah residents.

Kelsey was charged with two counts of felony false swearing in March.

In a hand-written letter submitted to the Monroe County District Attorney’s Occie on Thursday, Kelsey said:

“To the City of Tomah Residents:

In reference to my time on the city council and my attempt to be mayor of Tomah, I never meant to mislead or defraud any citizen of this city.  

It was my responsibility to know my past and my possible police record and to be aware of my eligibility to run for public office. I failed in this effort and I truly apologize.

I am sorry for abusing the trust shown in me by the people of Tomah. I am proud to call Tomah my home and I will continue to support the city and organizations in any way I can.

LeRoy Kelsey.”