Former ‘Survivor’ contestant visits Emerson Elementary

Alexis Jones started a non-profit to encourage children, women to discover their own identity

It’s a chance for students to hear some inspirational words and learn to empower themselves.

Former “Survivor” contestant Alexis Jones started a non-profit called, I Am That Girl to encourage children and women to discover their own identity.

She spoke to fourth and fifth graders at Emerson Elementary School in La Crosse on Thursday. She says kids today are spending so much time surfing the Internet and watching TV that they don’t always figure out who they are on their own. And that means they’re not finding their own self worth.

“One of the most important things for kids who are especially struggling with body image issues or who they want to be is finding good role models, I would say is is the first thing, is really finding some they relate to and someone who is positive about their live,” Jones said.

Jones also spoke at the Women’s Luncheon on the U-W La Crosse campus on Thursday.