Former Onalaska man gets 16-year sentence for sexually assaulting teenager

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — A former Onalaska, Wis., man will serve 10 years in prison, and another six on supervision, for repeatedly sexually assaulting a teenager.

In 2019, Bruce Nelson was 37 when he convinced a 13-year-old he met over social media that he was 19 and had sex with her, according to court documents. The girl became pregnant.

The defense asked that Nelson receive probation, but La Crosse County Circuit Court Judge Elliott Levine denied that request Monday.

“It’s so heavy, it is correct that I have to consider probation first,” Levine said. “But it’s so heavy that probation would be absolutely and completely inappropriate in this situation.”

Levine ordered that Nelson have no contact with the child or with anyone under 18 unless approved by an agent.

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