Former NFL, Caledonia WR Fruechte named Winona State offensive coordinator

Caledonia grad Isaac Fruechte is returning to his home region.

Winona State Football announced Monday morning that Fruechte will join new head coach Brian Bergstrom’s staff as the Warriors’ offensive coordinator.

Fruechte had spent the last few years as Mike Schmidt’s offensive coordinator at NSIC foe Northern State. This past season Fruechte had the Wolves among the best in the conference with 38 points and over 450 yards a game.

Fruechte is now back in Caledonia as of Monday evening and says while he loved everything about the people he worked with in Aberdeen, the job switch came down to a single word: family.

“I’ve got a one-and-a-half-year-old son, and another baby on the way due in June, and grandma and grandpas on both sides are going to be 40 minutes away, and 25 minutes away,” he said. “I really couldn’t pass up that opportunity to get our children around grandparents and aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews and all that stuff.”

With his new head coach having more of a defensive background, it’ll really be Fruechte’s offense to create in Winona, and he hopes he can help recruit more Minnesota players to the program.

“I’ve always been excited about that because football in this state is underrated,” Fruechte said. “You’ve got a bunch of good, tough players walking everywhere around this state, and I think it’d be a great way to build your program.”

Fruechte previously served as receivers coach for Northern Iowa and the offensive coordinator at UW-La Crosse, again under Schmidt. He was a two-time All-State football player for Caledonia and played at the University of Minnesota from 2012-2014 before playing three seasons in the NFL.