Former Aquinas grad joins bench for Lady Blugolds

Parker Weber shares knowledge, inspires

Determination is what drives Parker Weber during months of physical therapy.

The former Aquinas basketball player and Aquinas grad was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor in May 2014. Complications during surgery to remove the tumor caused Weber to have a stroke.

Today, he’s making progress. Weber wanted to one day get back on the court, and he would, in a different way.

“Excited to give him something to do to keep his mind off of things and keep him focused on the game that he loves,” said Aquinas girls basketball coach Dave Donarski.

Parker joined the Aquinas girls basketball team as an assistant coach.

“Just being here, helping all these girls and knowing all of them personally, it’s fun watching them especially succeed,” said Weber.

He used the opportunity to share his knowledge of the game he loves.

“The advice that he’s given me about post moves and passes I can make and stuff like that, just his basketball IQ has helped me,” said Aquinas senior Shayna Halverson.

“Telling me little things that I didn’t really see what was going on or saying hey you could have done this better.  Do this move instead of this one in that situation really helped,” said Aquinas senior Chelsea Ritter.

Things began to click.  Aquinas won conference for the first time since 2001 and now are making a run at state.

“They have the talent to make it to state and possibly win the whole thing.  If they put their mind to it and their hearts, right now they’re practicing like they want it,” said Weber.

As the Lady Blugolds continue their memorable season, Parker may not be the game changer he once was on the court, but he continues to be a game changer off the court.

“It’s a really big eye opener.  Having him walk in here everyday with a big smile on his face, it’s just really awesome.  It’s like, wow, we can all get through those really hard times,” said Ritter.

“It means a great amount to me that they look at me like that and that I can help them throughout this experience,” said Weber.

Weber plans to attend Edgewood-Madison this fall where he has an opportunity to student coach on the men’s basketball team.

Aquinas faces Wisconsin Heights in sectionals at Central Thursday.