Forest Hills golf course opens after reroute, changes

Changes come after 2nd BNSF Railroad track

La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat spent part of his Friday out on the golf course.

The mayor made the inaugural tee-off for the opening of Forest Hills’ new 13th and 14th holes. With the year-long development, the course has also undergone some rerouting and changes because of the recent addition of a second BNSF Railroad track.

Along with all the other changes, the course also has an addition to help determine a winner between friends.

“We have a 19th playoff hole so when somebody finishes their round we have a par 3 that, as we say, gives them a chance to figure out who’s going to buy after the round, so I think it’s going to be a new aspect of the course that would be a fun part of it,” said Forest Hills General manager Keith Stoll.

This is a special day for the course as a change of this size hasn’t been made in about 70 years.